The Whittles Difference

We believe we are the best provider of Body Corporate Management services in Australia, and here are a few reasons why:

Our People

Local knowledge with industry experience and 'know how'. As industry grows Whittles continues to provide professional development to all of our staff, aiming to improve our services, and to ensure managers are up to date with all Legislative changes and industry accreditation.

Our Resources

You can be assured that Whittles has the resources to handle all requests and queries as all our branches are effectively supported through national resources.

  • In-house tailored software - Not satisfied with standard industry 'off the shelf products', Whittles has built our own in-house management software to seamlessly provide effective data management for our Corporations and security for our client’s personal details. Owners have direct access to their Corporation’s information through their personalised Owner’s Portal through the Whittles website.
  • Emergency After Hours - We know that not everything that goes wrong with a property happens between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. To help our clients in case of an emergency maintenance situation, Whittles has a 24 hour emergency line to cater to urgent requests.
  • Contractor register - Whittles provides to its clients a national Contractor Register service. This service acts as a further safety net to managed Corporations, by ensuring that all works performed on properties are done by accredited contractors. The register requires that contractors, who perform works on buildings managed by Whittles, comply with Work Health and Safety Legislation and hold the required licences, permits and insurances.

Award Winning Service

Our business is to give our clients the peace of mind that their property is in good hands. Our clients trust Whittles to effectively and capably manage their properties, whatever the property size, facilities or location.

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